Shooting Sports

Shooting sports are an important part of our nation’s heritage. Camp Anderson has rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges. All three are up to date with national standards and are likewise handicap-accessible.

The ranges are based on BSA and NRA standards and because of insurance regulations, any use of the ranges require NRA certified staff to conduct shooting events.

Rifle Range

Standard eight station BSA Rifle Range. Can be configured for BB Gun (15'), Air Pistol (25') and Air Rifle (33') as well as slow fire pistol shooting (15' - 50'). Limited to .22 Rifle and .22 to .40 caliber hand guns. There is a picnic table in the safety area for education.

Shotgun Range

The shooting deck has a center mounted trap that can support a shooter on each side. The ranges also have a ramp for limited mobility as well as a wheel chair accessible shooting station that has a dropdown front.

Archery Range

Eight station variable distance 10-50 foot BSA range, and has room for teaching skills at the rear.

Archery Competitions

Excellent safe learning environment. Features a mesh backstop to prevent arrows from sailing, making a quick clean up during each round of shooting.