Christine Fernandes

I've been coming to Camp Anderson for years to do presentations for different scouting functions and I have a soft spot for this local gem! The facilities are newly renovated and well maintained; perfect for camping, church picnics, reunions, club events, and outdoor weddings. The nature trails are wonderful; full of native flora and fauna. At night, the skies are dark and clear with an unobstructed view of the planets and constellations rising and setting across the field. My family likes to come in the fall for their haunted house tours. Similarly, my family really enjoyed their Great American Campout event last fall. We had a cozy campfire to sit by and chat around at our own campsite and there was food and singing around the main campfire near the lodge where we could interact with the other campers too.

You could rent a cabin or pitch tents and the friendly staff was there to provide you with a much or as little help as you needed (we needed their help to start our campfire).  I'm a teacher and I brought students from my school there for a winter camping experience and we stayed in the main lodge and watched movies and played games. They cooked pancakes and bacon for our breakfast to the kids' delight. For many of them it was their first time camping. They were asking when we'd be coming back before we even left!

- Christine Fernandes